How to make using soap easier. Magnetic soap holders.

How to make using soap easier. Magnetic soap holders.

A lot of people are put off from using soap due to the ick factor. You know, the soggy mushy soap bottoms, the slimy dirty filth left in the soap holder. 

The solution is our handmade magnetic holders, it’s an old concept that was common many years ago. But seemed to have vanished. My stylish holders simply adhered to surfaces with strong double sided tape. Best on tiles, metal or glass. 

The idea is you simply push the metal cap into your soap and it sticks to the magnet on the wall piece. Where it can dry quickly all over. And soggy bottoms are gone for good. There is no mess to clean, keeps benches and shower’s clutter free. 

It also means there is zero waste and you can use every last bit of soap. 

I have also designed (what I believe yo be the first magnetic shampoo and conditioner bar holder for your shower) 

I have a couple colours available on the website but you can messageme a custom colour or combo! 

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