Why we've chosen to go with low waste packaging.

Why we've chosen to go with low waste packaging.

In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce waste and protect the environment, many businesses are turning to sustainable practices. One area that is particularly ripe for improvement is packaging. At my business, we have made a conscious decision to minimise our use of extra packaging for our products.

When it comes to candles, diffusers, and other beauty products, there is often a temptation to add extra packaging in the form of boxes, bags, and other materials. However, I believe that this is unnecessary and wasteful. After all, why add extra packaging to a product that is simply going to be thrown away as soon as you open it?

Instead, I have chosen to focus on the quality of our products and the materials we use to make them. When selecting jars and vessels for our skincare and candle products, we keep in mind that our customers may want to reuse them for other purposes. For example, our jars make great storage containers for makeup brushes or other small items. By using high-quality, reusable vessels, we reduce waste and give our customers a more versatile product.

Of course, packaging is not the only area where we focus on sustainability. We are committed to using only biodegradable materials in our products or reusable and we avoid using plastic whenever possible. Our soap and shampoo bars come in plastic-free packaging, and I use recycled materials whenever we can. In fact, we often use recycled packaging materials that come from our bulk orders, such as brown paper, to minimise waste.

Ultimately, I believe that sustainability is about more than just minimising waste. It's about creating products that are good for the environment, good for our customers, and good for our business. By focusing on quality, durability, and eco-friendliness, I hope to set an example for other businesses and inspire change in the industry.

 Join Go Naked in making a difference and let's work together to build a better, cleaner, and more sustainable world.

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