Collection: Handcrafted Botanical Soap

Handcrafted in small batches on a farm based studio in the Western Australian Wheatbelt. Using all natural plant based oils, clays and butters that are kind to the skin and the planet, with zero waste and no plastic.

In our soap we say NO WAY to

  1. Synthetic Fragrances (only essential oils)

  2. Artificial Colorants (only from clays and botanicals)

  3. Harsh Preservatives (the age old tradition of cold process soap making has no need and we only make as much as we can sell) It's not setting on the shelf for years.

  4. Parabens (see reason #3)

  5. Petrochemicals. (No petroleum, just plant butters and oils)

  6. Micro-beads (plastic free, only natural exfoliants like oats, coffee and shell from coconut or walnut.)

  7. Harsh Chemicals (no chemical detergents or synthetic additives for artificial lather or cleaning ability)

Handcrafted Botanical Soap