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Soap Magnetic holder, "Drought" single holder

Soap Magnetic holder, "Drought" single holder

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A touch of soap magic that transforms your daily cleansing routine. Say goodbye to soggy soap bars and cluttered countertops. Our innovative magnetic soap holder is designed to elevate your soap experience while making it last longer.

Soap Magic Unveiled: Experience the perfect way to air dry your all-natural soap effortlessly. No more messy soap dishes or slippery countertops. Simply push the metal plate into your soap, and like magic, it securely clings to the strong magnet within the holder.

Handmade Beauty: Each magnetic soap holder is meticulously handcrafted and thoughtfully designed to not only be functional but also a stylish addition to your space. It's a soap holder that looks as good as it works.

Easy Installation: No drilling required! Our soap holder comes equipped with industrial-strength double-sided tape, ensuring a solid grip without damaging your surfaces. Whether it's on tiles, the stainless steel inside your sink, or even your bathtub, find the perfect spot where it won't come into direct contact with water.

Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship: We care about the planet as much as you do. Our magnetic soap holders are made from an eco-friendly compound, and custom colours are available upon request, justified the contact tab. Sustainability and functionality combined in one beautiful package.

Maintenance Made Simple: To keep your soap holder looking its best, avoid direct contact with running water, also if the tape gets wet it will loosen for the tiles. A quick wipe with a mild cleaner and cloth is all it takes to maintain its pristine appearance.

Elevate your soap experience with our Handcrafted Magnetic Soap Holder. Embrace the magic of a clutter-free, longer-lasting soap that adds a touch of elegance to your daily routine.

If your holder does become loose over time from constant wear or the kids wet it too many times, you can remove the tape and replace. I only recommend scotch mount extreme double sided tape, available at Bunnings. 

If it becomes loose too quickly after a couple days and falls or is partially attached from the wall it means the surface wasn't throughly prepared before placement. NO residue can be left where it's placed. Clean with an alcohol based cleaning spray first. 

If this happens remove the tap on the holder gently and firmly, you may have to wet or use isopropyl. Make sure it's clean and completely dry before attaching NEW scotch mount extreme tape to the holder then repeat steps for hanging. 


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