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Soap, Best Mate soap for your dog

Soap, Best Mate soap for your dog

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All natural handmade soap for your best mate. Made with only the best ingredients with sensitive skin in mind. Chemical free and detergent free. A bar that that thoroughly cleans while hydrating the skin.


All the ingredients to help soothe, itchy skin and keep their coat, shiny and soft are oat milk, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, neem oil and lavender. Made using the cold process method using Lye (it’s non detected in the final bars and is how oils become solid and turn into soap through saponification) 

Neem oil is especially helpful at keeping fleas away and treating a variety of skin complaints. Lightly scented with lavender oil to help keep stressful dogs calm while bathing. 

Also our 80g bars come on a rope, so if you’re having to wrangle a large dog, the soap won’t end up lost in the tub or in the dirt. 



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