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Soap holder, magnetic shampoo and conditioner bar holder

Soap holder, magnetic shampoo and conditioner bar holder

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The first of it's kind. Double magnetic shampoo and conditioner bar holder

A little bit of soap magic and no more soggy soap! The perfect way to quickly air dry your new all shampoo and conditioner bars, it last longer and keep your shower clutter free. Simply push the metal plate into your soap and it will hang onto the strong magnet. 

Handmade and designed magnetic soap holder that looks great to. A little S & C to help the confusion of which bar is which. Can be placed hanging upside down like in picture or flat on the wall. There is a S&C on one side if placing hanging upside down or a S&C on the face for facing out. Must be hung so the water runs away from the holder. 

No need for drilling, industrial strength double sided tape holds it solid (don't put it anywhere until you're certain, don't put it on surfaces that may pull away like wallpaper) great on tiles, the stainless steel inside your sink or bathtub, just put it where it won't get wet. Clean with a cloth and mid detergent. 

Made from an eco friendly compound, custom colours are available at request. Keep out of directly running water, wipe with a mild cleaner and cloth to keep clean. 

Soap holder only. Soap is sold separately 


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