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Go Naked

Candle refills.

Candle refills.

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Our eco candle refills for our 400g and 180g candle vessels. The perfect match to start a more thoughtful lifestyle. The perfect fit, made by us just for our vessels. Reuse waste while enjoying your favourite candle.

Same superior cruelty free pure soy wax and the full range of our Australian made handcrafted artisan fragrances to choose from. With our wooden wicks with a bit of extra crackle and ambience.

This wax can only be lit when in our vessel. It’s NOT a free standing pillar candle. 

Keep somewhere below 30 degrees so it doesn’t melt when not in its vessel. 

Make sure your vessel is in perfect condition before reusing, no cracks and chips.  

  • When between 10/ 5mm of wax remaining in your used Go Naked glass jar, place in a shallow bowl, fill the bowl (not candle) with very hot water to just above the wax line. Wait a few minutes until the remaining wax becomes loose and remove with paper towel, you may need to gently loosen the bottom tab. Dispose in bin.
  • Use hot soapy water to clean and remove any remaining wax and the metal wick. Be careful not to scratch the jar. Use a soft cloth or paper towel.
  • Wash jar until clean and wipe completely dry.
  • Remove new wax refill from all packaging and peel tape cover from bottom wick tab.
  • Insert refill in to glass jar
  • Light wick and burn candle until melt pool reaches edge of jar. This ensures an even burn and will prevent tunnelling.


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